About the Author Linda Babb

Linda Babb is an educator who has spent ten years teaching in public schools and over twenty years deeply involved in “politics” She has a keen understanding of the essence of the democratic process and passion for reminding people of the importance of this process which she believes “has been distorted into the current political system of manipulation and disregard for the will of the people.” Her knowledge of the inner workings in the political world serves her well in her work now, reaching out to people, urging them to take back their control of the democratic process and, in turn, the aspects of their lives which are controlled by whichever party forms the government. Linda is now heading the Niagara Falls Peoples' Platform, a nonpartisan initiative that is transforming how elections are done. Through it, residents of Niagara Falls can identify, discuss, and prioritize what they want for the future of their city – before electing its leadership. The Peoples' Platform provides a preliminary opportunity for people to chart the course of their city, whether they are interested in voting in the election or not and a new space for discussion that supports a more human-scale form of politics. This began in Hamilton – more information can be found at www.PeoplesPlatform.ca with a Facebook page on the Niagara Falls Peoples' Platform “in the works” at the time of writing this.