About the Author Randy Robertson

Randy Robertson has lived a life well-travelled and experienced. After spending his formative years working the oil fields, and finding out the hard way that being a professional trapper is not as lucrative as everybody says it is (well maybe not quite), Randy finally caved in and moved back to central Ontario including a stint in the Niagara region. A true man of adventure, when Randy is not hunting, fishing, taking pictures with his “classic” cameras (we’re talking film people) or riding his '81 motorcycle, you can find him at the local Tim Horton’s sitting around with his buddies griping about having to work a day job, and telling stories about his wild, younger days out west. As a contributor for niagarabuzz.ca Randy looks forward to always giving viewers what he calls “the straight goods”, because he has never been a liar, and he isn't about to start now.