In a society where we crave couple ship, there is a deep down desire to go beyond the mere pairing off and actually be “happy couples” …something that makes us truly content and more complete with our significant other by our side.

Habits, something that is scientifically proven to take 21 days of repetition to become part of our “norm” can accentuate or take away from encouraging our togetherness as couples.

Here are a few simple yet key actions you can get started on today with your honey and if you trip up one day, no worries….just get back up, brush yourself off and move forward again.


Beddy Byes

I will never forget at my bridal shower when all the gals were to put tips to a happy marriage on tidbits of paper, put them in a jar and have me pull them out and read them one by one.  One woman’s simple “Don’t go to bed angry with each other” impacted me the most.  How easy is it to get caught up in our days and allow the world’s stresses to bleed over into our most private of times as a couple.  Habits of happy couples around bedtime are that a) you should always strive to go at the same time so as to connect at the end of the day  b) make an effort to say goodnight to each other no matter what and c) when you wake start the day off with an “I love you.”



Content couples not only practice starting and ending their day connected with each other, but make an effort to “check-in” with their partner to connect and see how their day is going.  It doesn’t have to be a laborious gesture, just a simple “Hi just wondering how your day is going” lets your partner know they are on your mind and you are in their corner.


Finding Common Ground

Common interests between couples do not always present themselves once the throes and novelty of the initial passion has subsided.  But don’t be deterred by this, just know that couples that are happy together find common interests that they can share together.  Perhaps you’ve never picked up a golf club or tennis racket…or, did someone say Scrabble?  Regardless of your choice it is important to cultivate fun times doing activities that are not routine or a part of work and enjoy another side of your loved one’s personality.


Showing Pride in Your Partner

Couples that are content with each other show it to the world.  Not in excessive forms of PDA, but in small ways and gestures.  They touch one another or make eye contact, they hold hands and speak highly of one another whether in their partner’s presence or not.


Keeping the Focus Positive

Let’s face it there always can be something negative to be found and equally there can always be something to be positive to be found.  It’s just how you decide to look at it.  In a couple ship if we habitually seek to find the good in our mate rather than focusing on the negative the overall impact on your own psyche as well as the positive vibes you give your partner will naturally increase the positive energy you share and encourage more of it to come your way.



We cannot be with each other 24/7 and this is where the crucial element of practicing trust comes in.  Trust is a powerful force that also encompasses us having a level of self-confidence that we can demonstrate to our partner when we give it to them.

Self-confidence is a highly attractive component that we seek in society with partners and so all these factors work hand in hand to build a solid, happy partnership when practiced regularly.  But that being said when trust is broken, happy couples forgive.  They understand the negative impact of holding grudges far outweighs the benefits of moving forward positively.


So there you have it.  In less than a month these actions,  if practiced regularly, are the stepping stone to achieving contented bliss….together.

Let us know what you think!