Talk about taking the hamburger “to a whole new level”, Burger King in Japan is going to the dark side!

The new food fad features black cheeseburgers complete with black buns, black cheese and black sauce (uh…yum?)

Burger King originally launched its Premium Kuro Burger in 2012 (kuro means black), complete with a black bun and black sauce and its huge popularity led to two other additions: the Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond.

Both are served with bamboo charcoal cheese and in black buns, with the more expensive Diamond coming with additional lettuce and tomatoes.

The hamburger patties are made with black pepper and the sauce with onion, garlic and squid ink and will be released nationwide in Japan on September 19.


What do you think?  Would you eat one?  Is North American going to see this hit the restaurants?



Source: Burger King

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