Audiophiles will agree the market is saturated with a wide range of Bluetooth compatible speakers…most of them no different than the next. But one new portable audio devise that may literally rise above the rest is the OM/One floating speaker system. This Bluetooth compatible speaker system was recently developed by OM Audio, a company known for having produced some sophisticated audio accessories in the past such as the Inearpeace earphones and the popular Mantra speaker system.  

The OM/One levitating speaker system floats and spins in mid-air while delivering your favorite music in clear tones while reportedly consuming less power than other systems in its class. The speaker base is equipped with an electromagnet that responds to a Neo magnet in the speaker, enabling it to levitate.

Equipped with basic Bluetooth 4.0 specifications, the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker syncs with your smartphone, while featuring a built in  microphone enabling it to be used as part of a speakerphone system. 


The magnetic base requires an AC adapter, however the system can be used with our without its base while being paired with most Bluetooth compatible devices on the market today. Also worth noting, a pair of the levitating OM/One speakers may be used simultaneously to a single device enabling stereo.

The high tech OM/One spherical speaker system uses only 3 watts of power due to its increased surface area, therefore should be able to provide up to 15 hours of continuous play at 70 percent volume. 

This highly engaging conversation piece is expected to be readily available in December, however you can pre-order one online for around  $179.

But be forewarned, one audio expert reportedly stated that the concept “doesn’t really hold water,” therefore the levitation gimmick may just be that (a gimmick). In any event, the concept is cool and I’ll be sure to try to revisit this technology after (if) the devices hit market.


Source: omonegizmodo


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