Well you may have noticed a little bit of a chill in the air lately as we say goodbye to those last warm days.  But after these we can expect beautiful fall and then…..WINTER.

But what does it look like for this year? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac (which actually does have a good track record of accuracy) …it looks like the winter months will be colder and snowier than normal.

Editor of the Almanac Jack Burnett commented “We’re looking at the T-Rex of winters. It’s going to be colder, it’s going to be snowier … it’s not pretty. From Calgary to Quebec, we’re going to be up to our neck.”

So let’s take a quick peek at some of the highlights.  In Southern Ontario temperatures will probably fall below normal, but the good news is that less snowfall is predicted here although more in other areas of Canada.

In the Prairies temperatures are to be colder than normal with above average amounts of snow.  The spring will be particularly cold (particularly May and April).

The Almanac’s forecast for Ontario is in line with Accuweather, which predicted a cooler-than-normal winter due to an El Nino system.

Temperatures could also be cooler in the Maritimes.

It’s not all bad news across the country though.  British Columbia will actually see higher than average winter temperatures as will southern Quebec.



  • Near or slightly below normal temperatures across provinces
  • Rainfall above normal in Ontario, below normal in Quebec, near normal elsewhere


  • Above-normal temperatures, everywhere except Vancouver Island
  • Above-normal rainfall in Maritimes westward through Prairies
  • Below normal in British Columbia


  • Above-normal temperatures from the Maritimes to Ontario
  • Below-normal from Manitoba to the Pacific Ocean
  • Precipitation slightly above normal in Prairies, at or below elsewhere

SOURCE: www.almanac.com

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