Yearlong Investigation into International Drug Trafficking based in Southern Ontario leads to multiple arrests and searches.

UPDATE 4In late 2013 members of the Niagara Regional Police Special Investigation Support Unit began an investigation into the activities of an International Drug trafficking organization based in the Niagara and Peel Regions of Southern Ontario. The investigation was expanded in February 2013 and the Niagara Regional Police partnered with Canada Border Services Agency, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Serious and Organized Crime Section and Financial Crime Sections in Hamilton, London and Toronto and the Peel Regional Police Service.  The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC) also provided assistance to the investigation as it progressed. The investigation became known as Project Roadmaster.The investigation uncovered evidence of Cocaine Importation and trafficking, Money Laundering and Participating in a Criminal Organization.

In the early morning hours of September 22, 2014, approximately 200 officers from across Ontario assisted Project Roadmaster in executing 30 search and arrest warrants in several areas of Southern Ontario. The assisting agencies included the Barrie Police Service, The South Simcoe Police Service, OPP, RCMP, Peel Regional Police Service, Niagara Regional Police Service and the Canada Border Services Agency. As a result of this operation an initial total of 13 Southern Ontario residents along with one Mexican resident have been arrested for various criminal offences including Narcotics, Proceeds of crime, and Criminal Organization related offences.

As a result of the arrest and searches conducted on September 22, 2014. The following persons are charged: Vito BUFFONE, 50 years of Caledon, Ontario, Jeffrey KOMPON 43 years of Welland, Ontario, Raul BULHOSEN. 42 years of Mississauga, Ontario, Borja VILALTA-CASTELLANOS. 29 years of Toronto, Ontario, Marco CIPOLLONE. 38 years of Toronto, Ontario, John Edward OLIVER. 67 years of Toronto, Ontario, Dean BRENNAN. 38 years of Toronto, Ontario, Victor LUCERO. 40 years of Innisfil, Ontario, Laurence AIELLO. 61 years of Fort Eire, Ontario, Guy CAPUTO. 69 years of Fonthill, Ontario, Herman JONES. 45 years of Brampton, Ontario, Luis GARCIA. 30 years of Toronto, Ontario, Jamie Ortiz 29 years of Mexico City, Mexico, Patricia Pinkerton. 29 years of Toronto, Ontario.

Police believe that, with the exception of Patricia Pinkerton, all of the accused in this matter played a variety of important roles in this criminal organization that was responsible for the large scale importation of cocaine into Canada. Investigators believe that large amounts of cocaine were being imported through various Canadian border points, including the Port of Montreal. The cocaine was then transported to Southern Ontario for distribution. It is believed that this group has been operating since 2012. As a result of the September 22nd, 2014 takedown of Project Roadmaster, investigators have thus far seized or restrained the following items:-1.2 Million dollars worth of Cocaine-$250,000 worth of Marihuana-$430,000 cash-9mm Beretta Handgun and two shotguns.-13 offence related vehicles including a 2005 Ferrari and 1979 Porsche worth an approximate value of $500,000.

Assorted high value watches and other jewelry worth approximately $400,000-Warehouse equipment including a rock saw, front end loader and tow motor worth approximately $200,000.The warehouse at 3512 Nugent Road in Port Colborne and a home in Washago, Ontario have also been restrained under Proceeds of Crime legislation. The investigation into this matter is continuing. Investigations such as this demonstrate the commitment of the Niagara Regional Police Service and their partners to disrupt the flow of illegal narcotics and to disrupt and dismantle Criminal Organizations in this Region and elsewhere. For further details please contact the undersigned. S/Sgt. Shawn ClarksonNiagara Regional Police ServiceSpecial Investigative Support Unit905-688-4111 Ext 5370


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