So most of us know that kitchens and bathrooms are selling features of a home. So, before you list your house for sale there are a few things to consider, such as, do you need to invest in a remodel, redesign, renovate or repair anything?

Many of us would love to have the luxuries of a bathroom with the top trend features like:

–          Heated floors

–          Steam shower

–          Multiple shower heads

–          Soaking tub –  Jacuzzi tub – Infinity tub

–          Towel warmers

–          Gas fireplace with remote control

–          Dual vanities with anti-fog mirror

–          High end fixtures

–          Great lighting

–          As well as a Morning Bar with coffee maker, mini refrigerator, sink, wine chilling drawer

Some of us have small bathrooms or you have no Reno budget and you need top dollar for your home so let’s take a look at some other options other than the total Reno which is recreating a bathroom that has a “spa-like atmosphere”.  This can actually be done without lots of cash so we will focus on the important aspects.

A spa bathroom includes the following features:

It’s Luxurious –  Elaborate – Sparkling clean – Fresh looking – Fresh smelling – Enhance overall wellbeing – Renew mind, body and spirit– Quiet – Serene atmosphere – Stress relief –Relaxation – Sanctuary experience – pampering

If you are selling your home it is a must that no matter where you live or what kind of bathroom you have it must appeal to the retreat for peace – pursing homeowners.

To entice savvy buyers who live in this rush, rush world you don’t need a passport to escape the stresses of the busy lifestyle.

What you do need is to make the bathroom sparkling clean, paint a soft relaxing spa color on the walls – such as soft green, pale blue, gray, white, cream, soft neutrals, chose a glamorous hotel quality shower curtain, thick white fluffy towels, toilet lids down, shiny faucets, guest soap or nice soap dispenser, and any repairs.

Remove and store properly the blow dryers, cosmetics, hygiene products, razors, crossword puzzle books, cloth toilet lids, small area rugs and bath mats.

Finally, once the clutter is removed and the room has been reworked accordingly, don’t forget the powerful aspect of scent.  A little lavender or vanilla oil burned with a candle do much to enhance a beautiful serene room and accentuate it.

With all senses accounted for, your bathroom is now transformed into what all buyers seek, so feel good that you will get top dollar for this ever important room in your house!


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