In Denmark, the latest report on the state of our environment has just been released and its findings conclude that the situation is real, it’s serious and it is almost entirely our fault.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report offered suggestions however,  that would help rectify the situation including that emissions, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels would need to drop to zero by the end of the century, there would have to be a massive switch to renewable sources to power everything and new technologies would need to be honed that actively combat greenhouse gases.

The panel went on to describe the result of climate change in its current state if actions to reverse it are not to be put in place.  It confirmed that there would be an irreversible impact on people and environment.  Things like dangerously high temperatures, rising sea levels and the continuation of arctic glaciers being depleted to name a few.

The IPCC did note that the world does have the tools at hand to move forward on a lower emissions route.  IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri said: “All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”

What’s next now that the findings are out?  It appears that it is deciding who should do what. Countries that are well off are seeking out China and other major developing countries to set positive targets in the fight against global warming while countries that are poorer believe it is up to the better-off to lead the fight against the environmental downward trend.

One thing that is definite however: rich or poor, countries need to actively and aggressively embrace the reality of the environment’s decline, accept the human responsibility and work together to rectify the situation.




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