According to police, a new ‘scam’ has been reported recently which targets elderly citizens and the Niagara Regional Police Service would like everyone to be aware so that they can protect themselves. The culprit in this scam attends the homes of elderly Italian speaking men. He speaks Italian fluently and identifies himself as being related to a distant or deceased relative and gives them a leather jacket in a bag.

The male would then solicit a donation from the elderly male for a supposed injured or pregnant family member. With the supposed gift of the leather jacket the elderly male is made to feel compelled to give him money. While the male has left after receiving some money, in once instance he became agitated with the low amount given and tried to convince the elderly male to go to the bank to get more money, however he was unsuccessful.

The male is described as fluent in Italian, short dark hair and usually well dressed. He has targeted elderly Italian speaking males and presents them with a leather jacket in a bag. The jacket turns out to be a fake leather jacket of little worth.Anyone having information on this scam or who may have been targeted by this male are asked to contact Staff Sergeant Leigh at 905-688-41111 extension 4376.

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