Christmas just came early for you as Environment Canada’s winter outlook for 2014-2015 says winter will be better this year than last!

What does that mean?  Well for starters, Canadians will see milder temperatures and the length of it will be shorter. Why the change you ask?  It’s El Niño . Warm water near the equator in the Pacific ocean is expected to result in warmer and drier conditions for much of North America.

The areas that will benefit most from the warmer air are B.C., the Prairie provinces and much of the Arctic and Maritimes .  Here in Ontario and in Quebec, we can expect temperatures closer to what we have seen in historical trends which won’t be Florida-like, but on the upside they will be more than bearable compared to last winter’s brutality.

What about snow? Environment Canada’s outlook projects that Newfoundland and the Arctic will see less rain and snow than usual. In the southern areas of B.C. and the Prairies more precipitation than usual is expected. In Ontario, things will be about the same for precipitation as last year.



SOURCE: Environment Canada

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