On Saturday, December 13th, 2014 the Niagara Regional Police conducted a RIDE as part of our Festive RIDE campaign. Officers first set up in Vineland and then moved to the St. Catharines/Niagara-on-the Lake border.

Over the evening police say approximately 350 vehicles were checked. As a result 1 driver was arrested for impaired driving and 26 other drivers were required to provide breath samples into a roadside screen device.

Of the drivers tested at roadside, 7 were given 3 day drivers licence suspensions, 1 G2 driver had their licence suspended for having a blood alcohol level above zero, and 1 driver was charged with refusing to provide a breath sample. The driver charge with refusal was also charged with breaching his probation order.

The male charged with Impaired driving was stopped after passing a marked police cruiser at 40km/hr over the posted speed limit. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed he responded by saying “Way to much”. He provided breath samples registering 2.5 times the legal limit of 80mg.

Officers were alarmed to see that two of the drivers issued 3 days suspensions for registering an “alert” (warn) on the Roadside screening device had completely sober licenced passengers in their vehicle. There is never a need to drive a vehicle after drinking and it makes even less sense when there is a sober driver in the vehicle. Never risk your life by getting into a vehicle with a driver that has been drinking.

The Festive RIDE campaign will continue through the holiday season. Please don’t ruin your own, or an innocent victims’ Christmas by drinking and driving. A few drinks are not worth ruining, or ending, a life.


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