Police say shortly before midnight on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 they were called to a restaurant in the south-end of St. Catharines for a report of an intoxicated male attempting to drive his vehicle.
A university student home for the Christmas break was escorted from the establishment due to his level of intoxication and being belligerent with staff. The male proceeded to a vehicle in the parking lot and attempted to drive the vehicle before being observed by staff who called police. The male was arrested by police and while being transported to the police station asked the officer “do you have any beers or a tequila shot? I’m getting thirsty back here!”.
The male provided breath samples registering more than 3 times the legal limit of 80mg of alcohol.  The 21 year old male was charged with Impaired driving and Over 80mg.
Fortunately the driver was stopped before leaving the parking lot as his intoxication could have led to a tragic end for himself or an innocent member of our Community. Police thank the establishment’s staff for calling 911 and assisting in keeping the roadways of Niagara safe.


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