Yes it is nice to own stuff, but did you ever consider renting some items  Whether they be big ticket purchases or just things used rarely, sometimes it makes sense just to NOT outright own.

Not only can this be cost effective for you, but by rethinking how we manage our resources, renting can be a better choice for the environment as technically we are “sharing stuff” with others.

Here is a list of good things to consider:

Formal Attire
Need something extra fancy for a party or function? Why not consider renting it?  Chances are you are NOT going to be wearing something over the top very often and there are website resources out there to help you borrow some threads for the occasion at hand.

Check out for example where you can not only get great outfits temporarily at a fraction of the retail price but you can also get a new outfit every time you have a function.  How cool is that.

Fitness Equipment
OK, so we all know that treadmills make great clothes hangers….but they are very EXPENSIVE clothes hangers.  Why not rent athletic equipment for the home first and then if you love it take the plunge and buy it.

Sites like are great to check out and they even deliver.  Getting in shape without the commitment is so much better don’t you think?



Ok we all need a basic hammer, nails screwdriver, screws, etc., you get the “drill” no pun intended, but when it comes down to it do you really need to PURCHASE that power sander for the hardwood floor?

Check out local store like The Home Depot where you can rent large scale items usually by the hour or day for a fraction of the purchase price.  The other bonus here is that maintenance and professional tips are all at your fingertips with staff on hand.

Parking Spaces
Whether it’s locally that you need to park in a busy area daily, or perhaps you commute, why not consider renting a spot to avoid frustration and money.

Great sources can include everything from kijiji or craigslist to which features parking in Toronto at a discount price at every location you can imagine….from driveways to church parking lots.


Video Games
OK this one is not for everyone, but hey renting these things can save a lot of money and space on your floor!

Check out locally That’s Entertainment or online for a big selection without the commitment.

Textbooks are SO expensive and total dust collectors once we are done with them generally so why not save a tree and some money at the same time?

OK so technically we are not renting our textbooks here, but with sites like kijiji, craigslist and we are getting them at a massive discount (used) and then potentially reselling them (nice).

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SOURCE: Kalan Bruce

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