On Saturday, February 28th, 2014 at approximately 8:30 pm, a Welland Taxi was parked at a taxi stand on East Main Street.  A male approached the taxi asking the driver if he was available to take him to King Street.  The driver told the male that he was in service and the male got into the taxi and the driver took him to King Street, where the male directed the driver to go around to the back parking lot.  The male then directed the taxi driver to put all his money into a back pack.  The driver told the male that it was the other way around and the male produced a handgun.  The taxi driver started to drive the taxi and the male opened the door and got out of the taxi and was last seen running towards the canal.

Uniform Officers converged into the area and began an investigation.


Further investigation by Detectives from the Central Region resulted in a 17 year old Welland male being arrested on Wednesday, March 4 and being charged with Robbery. During the investigation, police also located the firearm.

Due to the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, police cannot identify the youth involved in this incident.

The accused is being held for a Bail Hearing to be held today in St. Catharines Provincial Court.

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