If you are not a local, you may not know about Beechwood. Or maybe you do – they are legendary in these parts. They make magnificent vegan doughnuts – yes, doughnuts with no animal products at all.

Now, this has been a cruel winter.  But since Beechwood opened, they have had line-ups out the door pretty much every day. To wait in a line-up outside on days that were in the -30 and colder range? These must be damn good doughnuts.

And boy are they ever. They sell out every day, sometimes as early as noon!

So Ken and I headed off to Beechwood. There was no line-up that I could see from down the street. I was a bit worried.

“See????” I said to Ken. “They’re sold out. We should have come earlier!!”

I picked up my pace a bit. If they were sold out, I don’t know why I was walking faster, but some kind of doughnut-pursuit-instinct took over.

I breathed a sigh of relief. The line-up was still going, just right inside the door.

I opened the door and asked “Are they sold out yet?”. The friendly chap in front of me assured me they were not.

My lucky day.




As we waited in line, the friendly crowd was full of chatter, comparing Beechwood favourite notes. Everyone was  leaving with a large box full of doughnuts – no one seemed to be leaving with just one. How could you, when you have such unique flavours to choose from? I think it would be impossible to pick just one.

And behind the scenes, the staff are a hard-working crew. Boy do they hustle!




We made it through the line, after a tough selection process. Our choices were Chocolate Chip Cookie, Coconut Cream, Cookies’n’Cream, Banana Chocolate Chip Fritter, French Toast, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This was all that was left in our box by the time we got home.




Wanna know what one was my favourite?





But come to think of it, Peanut Butter and Chocolate was pretty awesome too. Oh, and so was Chocolate Chip Cookie. And the Banana Chocolate Chip Fritter….

Perhaps it’s just not possible to have a favourite Beechwood Doughnut.

LOCATED at 5 James Street.  St. Catharines

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