Spring is finally here and maybe that is just what you have been waiting for so that you can list your home for sale!  

But is this REALLY the season that’s best to sell one of your biggest investments?

Well, if you ask a real estate agent, they will tell you that there are certain seasons that are better to sell your home than others. Often, the best time to list and sell a single family detached home is in the spring, followed by early to mid fall is the information that you will get.


There is logic behind selling during the warmth and beauty of spring as well in that most families want to make the purchase of their home and complete the transaction before the summer months, when the kids and family are on summer vacation. 

Spring is a great time to showcase a home as well in that the plants begin to blossom about the house, spirits are high and a general feeling of freshness and renewal is in the air! 

It’s also usually easier to get your home ready for sale at this time of year — from painting inside or out, to the simple ability to keep the house cleaner without the winter slush being mostly over with.  The downside however is that EVERYONE else is probably on the same “time to sell” bandwagon, so the competition can be stronger out there (so make sure your home is in top shape!)

If you’re selling anything over a certain price (and that depends on where you live — but we’ll say anything in the top 20% price range of your community), expect the summer months to be particularly slow. Expensive homes require buyers with big pockets — and where are they in the summer? Most likely away on vacation, not looking for a home….so that’s where the early to mid fall selling season comes in. 

Fall is actually considered the next best time to list your home on the market– especially if it’s a nice long Indian summer. Linked to the “back to school” mentality, with the leaves turning fabulous colors and nice cool crisp temperatures, you’ll have another good shot at selling a family home — often to someone who’s already in your neighbourhood. That being said, be prepared to keep up that curbside appeal as the weather changes. 

Some properties will sell at any time of year — such as those aimed at first time home owners, especially condominiums and town homes. Often these buyers are not faced with the constraints of school schedules and are much more interested in amenities like underground parking, recreation facilities and the nearest Tim Hortons.

Vacation properties always do their best in the spring and summer months, because that is when buyers visit these destinations. They benefit from the fact that vacationers will actually be where these listings are, and not just looking at pictures online or in a brochure. It’s also hard to imagine water skiing when the temperature is hovering at zero and the cottage for sale has had the water and power shut off for the season. 

sold-606688_640Having said this, there really is no wrong time to list your home, because if you price your home right, and make every effort to present it in a superior way, chances are you will sell your property in a timely manner. 

Be realistic however, come certain seasons like the holidays in December, most people are wrapped up in other things and perhaps you should be too!

In any event, with a little planning and a little scrubbing, your home selling experience can be a positive one that brings exciting new change.  Good Luck!


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