No it’s not a joke.

Lululemon, the wildly popular yoga-inspired athletic apparel company’s newest offering for stylish men is none other than the anti-ball crushing pant (or ABC pant for short).

So popular are these trousers that you will actually have a hard time getting your hands on them as they are selling out everywhere.

The ABC  pants are made with extra space to give “you and the family jewels room to breathe,” according to Lululemon’s website. Men that wear slim/skinny jeans know all to well about the lack of room down there. These pants are seen by many as a blessing.


  • ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe
  • sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric is four-way stretch
  • trouser waistband with belt loops sits comfortably on your hips
  • roll up the cuffs for reflectivity on dawn or dusk bike rides
  • six pockets make it easy to stash and dash, one for your smartphone
  • slim fit ensures your pants and your bike chain won’t cross paths
  • imported

The price, $128 for a pair may seem steep for some, but you probably can’t deny that the family jewels deserve to be housed in the very best!

The pants also  are apparently a driving force behind the 16 per cent same-store sales increase the company experienced last quarter.

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SOURCE: lululemon, vancitybuzz

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