On the evening of November the 4th 2014, a male subject wearing a motorcyle helmet entered the 7-11 on Southworth Street in Welland and threatened to blow the store up unless the on-duty cashiers provided him with the contents of the store’s cash till. After receiving a sum of money the male fled the store and was able to evade investigating police officers.

On the evening of November the 5th 2014, a male subject entered the Subway Restaraunt on East Main Street and threatened to shoot the on-duty server unless he was given the contents of the cash drawer. After being unable to access the cash in the till the male subject grabbed the till and fled from the store.

A subsequent article search was carried out with the assistance of Police Service Dog KONA. PSD KONA was able to locate evidence discarded by the male subject that would later help identify the male.

As a result of police investigation into these incidents, a person of interest was identified and new evidence that would allow for a forensic DNA examination was obtained.

As a result of that investigation, on Tuesday March the 31st 2015, police say 21 year-old Welland resident Justin MATHES was arrested for two counts of Robbery. MATHES is presently in police custody and will have a Bail Hearing on Wednesday the 1st day of April 2015.

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