The English language has been said to be one of the most difficult to master! Check out this quick list of commonly spoken mistakes…..any of them ring a bell?   WARNING: You may be surprised!

Affadavid – not sure who this guy is, but even if you’re being sued by a dude called Dave, the word is ‘affadavit’.

Aks – No, you may not aks me a question.

Card shark – if someone is good at playing cards, and dupes you into laying down some serious money against them, they are a card sharp.  Only if they have fins and are swimming round in the water may they be something else you may have heard! cards-161404_640 Chomp at the bit – It’s supposed to be ‘champ at the bit’. Really.

Esculator – just take the stairs because if you’re too lazy to say escalator, you don’t deserve to use it!

Excetera – Etcetera is a lazy thing to say in the first place. Can’t be bothered finishing your own thought? Don’t start it. But if you must, please say ‘etcetera’.  That is the proper way to do it!

Expresso – the word is espresso. We’re not sure who came up with ‘expresso’ but it feels like it was invented by a fast food chain. It’s not a word. background-20486_640 For all intensive purposes – We LOVE this one. Sounds like those purposes sure are, well, INTENSE. We’re even going to insult you by telling you the correct term here, because you know, right?

Forte – if you’re talking about something you are particularly good at, it is pronounced ‘fort’. The ‘e’ is only pronounced (as ‘ay’) if you are talking music.

Mischievous – We don’t know how it started, or why, but someone somewhere put an extra ‘ee’ sound in there after the v and now the whole world seems to be on board. It’s mischievous. Three syllables. Not four.

Nother – ‘that’s a whole nother thing’. If you do this, we have no words for you.

Orientate – We guess this comes from what they like to call ‘back formation’. Orientation is the noun, so orientate must be the verb. It isn’t. It’s orient. Orient. Oriented. Orientation. Learn it, otherwise, ‘disorientated’ is a word and then the world will explode.

Pacific – it’s an ocean. It does not mean ‘clearly defined or identified’. We’re talking “pacifically”  to you. Stop it!carlsbad-351319_640 Pronounciation – It’s ironic that people are not able to say ‘pronunciation’. But it is true! Come on people, this one just makes you look silly!

Prostate/Prostrate – one is a gland, one means lying face down. Sure, they can be related, but still, it’s good to know the difference.

Snuck – not a word; never has been. Sneaked is the past tense of sneak.

Tact/Tack – if the conversation isn’t going your way, change tack and use some tact.

And now it’s over to you!! What has been missed here or does anyone want to defend any of the above?

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