We all aspire to make healthy living choices right?  But let’s be real for a moment.  The cost of organic food can be EXPENSIVE and groceries already cost a great deal.

While many studies have stated organic food is not necessarily healthier than non-organic in terms of nutritional value, the concerns for those who purchase organic tend to focus on the pesticides that can be ingested along with their fruits and vegetables.

One of the easiest ways to remember which ones you can opt out of organic for are those fruits and veggies that have a thick exterior skin, or even better, have an exterior you don’t eat at all.

This list is also known as the “clean 15”.  Check it out and healthy shopping!

Thanks to their thick, scaly skin, the pesticides used on avocados don’t make their way into the flesh so this is a great and healthy option anytime.

As asparagus doesn’t attract many insects, fewer pesticides are used on the veggie, so this is another great option for your shopping cart.


Sweet Corn
The husk of the corn keeps pesticide levels low. However, people who try to maintain a lifestyle  of clean eating note that GMO (genetically modified organism) corn is not marked, and if that is a concern to you, buying organic for this product might be a good idea.

Not a lot of pesticides are getting through the shell of the pineapple .  Another delicious and safe bet that can be non-organic.


You can buy non-organic mangos without a worry, but be sure to wash the fruit carefully before eating anyway.

Sweet Peas
For the ambitious who love to shell their own peas, this is an incredible choice, although work intensive so we recommend the frozen variety!


Again it is that thick brown skin that doesn’t only work as a useful shell to keep from getting juice all over you, but also protects the delicious skin inside from pesticides.

Although the leaves of cabbage can be used in full, the plant is not sprayed heavily with pesticides.


Eggplant is actually one of the veggies with the higher percentage of pesticide on the ‘clean’ list, but if non-organic is your only option, you can feel fine buying eggplant grown conventionally.

That’s a hard shell cantaloupes boast, so non-organic is fine for this melon. To err on the side of caution, though, you might want to avoid cantaloupes from Mexico, where they can be heavily sprayed by pesticides.

The same advice applies to watermelon — you aren’t eating the rind.  Just be sure to wash the outside before cutting into it and eating.

Tangy and juicy, this citrus y fruit is another great choice for savvy shoppers looking to buy well and avoid the extra cost of organic.

Sweet Potato
Not to be confused with regular white potatoes that can have a lot of pesticides,  sweet potatoes actually have far fewer pesticides and are fine to buy non-organic.

Sweet Onions
Thanks to their many layers of skin, onions (even the sweet kind) don’t get attacked by pests, and therefore, aren’t sprayed with as many pesticides.

Just like their sweet cousins, the lack of pesticides on onions can be attributed to insects’ disinterest. As a staple of so many cooked dishes, onions are an economical choice that you can stock up on with confidence.


SOURCE: Canadian Health Food Association

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