Inspiration Comes In Many Forms

I’ve never felt that you should try to be like anyone other than yourself but inspiration does come in many forms.

I first started paying close attention to Richard Branson when I was a student in the UK. I was inspired by his non-traditional approach to life and business.

Being non-conventional appeals to me. I shudder at the thought that someone would call me “normal” but I sometimes get too relaxed in my comfort zone and we all know that revolutionary ideas never happen there.

So for inspiration, I read, I reflect, I pay attention to the world around me. Inspiration doesn’t always have to flow from the life of a billionaire because sometimes the inspiration comes from the everyday people we met. Sometimes the smallest event that touches our life can have the largest impact.

But, for me, I admire Branson’s spirit – his moxie. He goes or it – with major gusto! I like that. I aspire to that.

In an article from March 2014, BBC News highlighted what Sir Richard believes are his Top Ten Tips for success and these six are my favorite.

“Follow your dreams and just do it.”

“Follow your dreams, get involved in life, in the things that interest you. If you are going to create a business, make sure it is your hobby, your passion or something that you really enjoy.”


“Make a positive difference and do some good.”

“If you’re running a business you are in a position where you can make a hell of a difference in this world.”

“Believe in your ideas and be the best.”

“You definitely need to believe in your idea.” “You’ve got to have passion for it and you’ve got to be able to inspire other people to have a passion for it too.”

“Have fun and look after your team.”

“Make sure that you’ve got the kinds of people running your companies who genuinely care about people, who look for the best in people and who praise and don’t criticize.”

“Make lots of lists and keep setting yourself new challenges.”


“I make copious lists because I think it’s the little details that make for an exceptional company over an average company. Details are very important and I think it’s important to keep setting yourself new challenges and targets.”

“When people say bad things about you, just prove them wrong.”

“I think the best thing to do is just to prove them wrong in every single way.”

He also said “Do what you love and have a sofa in the kitchen.” I’m still pondering the sofa in the kitchen….
These six thoughts sum up some pretty awesome sentiments about life, success, leaders, and engaging your employers. I like it.

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