A new federal grants program will start up next year according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement today that will make people eligible for grants that are in post secondary programs that last only a minimum of 34 weeks.  This changes from the current program which makes only 60 week minimum training programs eligible.

The important changes will make federal monies available for those wanting to train for jobs like  a home inspector, or a paralegal for example, starting next year. Harper’s message was that money should not be a barrier for students to get training and that the government believes that  “this will provide opportunity and change lives and will open the door to success in well-paying jobs for tens of thousands of Canadians … in many sectors of the economy.”


The government projects that the new Canada Student Grants program will benefit about 42,000 more students every year and it is also meant to help older Canadians make themselves more employable, such as mothers returning to the work force or people deciding to switch careers.

What do you think? Would you go back to school to train for a new career with the new developments?

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