NAME: The Itty Bitty Pie Company

WHERE: 92 Lake Street St. Catharines, ON

WHAT: Specialty small sized pies,  From the main course to dessert, they’ve got you covered!


The Itty Bitty Pie Company is a St. Catharines based company that started out as a food table at The St. Catharines Market.  Their combination of passion and pies was a HIT and as demand grew, they expanded to a travelling food truck in 2011.  


They’ve become known for their  sweet and savoury miniature pastries filled with a revolving selection of street food worthy flavours like buffalo chicken, tacos and curry…PLUS all the delicious flavours you know and love in traditional pies!  (Pictured below: A taco pie which is a mini pastry shell, seasoned ground beef, black beans and cheddar topped with lettuces, salsa and sour cream).


If that’s not enough, The Itty Bitty Pie Company also features Mini-Pies, Micro-Minis, Pie-in-a-Cup, Pie-on-a-Stick, 9″ pies and Caramel Sauces to die for…(Pictured below Country Chicken Pie with a mixed green salad)!


Fast forward to today after lots of satisfied customers and now due to popular demand they have a new storefront.  Introducing the all new Itty Bitty Pie Company Shop now located at 92 Lake Street in St. Catharines…


Owners Pam Nicholson and her daughter Tara may have started whipping up pie creations years ago but their enthusiasm for their product is contagious.  Below, Pam showed us around her new digs as she served up the treats…


Here is a delicious “Itty Bitty 6 pack”…getting hungry yet?!  talk about a nice substitute for birthday cake! Personalized, gorgeous and ready to go…


The quaint house that acts as a store for the Itty Bitty Pie Company seems to suit the business and is a sunny, happy place! Featuring sunwashed walls, brick accents and a huge glass case of lovely little pies which are a feast for the eyes and tummy.

PLUS if you’re looking for some take out treats to store away for another day, they have you covered with freezer packs ready to go.


Itty Bitty Pies are made by hand and rolled out the good ol’ fashioned way…

BOTTOM LINE: If you love the taste of pie, look no further than this hidden local gem that is becoming a favourite in the niagara community…


And remember, the good news is that the Itty Bitty Pie Company is recreating what a pie is all about. Check out this menu list!


If you don’t want a SWEET pie, there is also a lot of selection for the meal variety …


Check out these gorgeous little numbers…….ready to thaw and eat. Easy and yummy!


Jim and Kate can’t resist purchasing a few pies for home…


More admirers…

Even Shay can’t wait for his daddy to come out of the Itty Bitty Pie Company Shop with some treats!


When pies are cooked from scratch it makes all the difference…
A closeup of Itty Bitty Pie goodness…


For more information, including hours of operation, check out their website: Itty Bitty Pie Company.  NOTE: Since the original publication of this article the Itty Bitty Pie Company has moved to:  18 Secord Dr, St Catharines.

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