Wow what a great looking cake!


If you are one of those people who truly likes to “kick it up a notch” why not go crazy today and whip up a buzzworthy Flag Cake!

Enjoy the video and here is the recipe:

• Prepared 10″ red cake (any flavour)
• 4-5 cups prepared vanilla cake batter
• Red Maple Leaf sprinkles
• Prepared white buttercream
• Prepared red buttercream
• Maple leaf cookie cutters (small 2″-3″)

1. Bake and allow 10″ red cake to cool completely.
2. Prepare vanilla cake batter.
3. Find the centre of the red cake, by using a ruler or other measuring device. Mark the centre with a toothpick. Do not remove this toothpick.
4. Continue to use toothpicks to mark these measurements: two inch circle in the centre of the cake, and a one inch ring around the outside of the cake.
5. Using a sharp knife, follow you cutting guides to produce a one in ring, and a centre 2 inch “tube”.
6. Remove outer ring from the cut cake, and place back into a 10″ baking/cake pan. Remove two inch centre piece, and place in centre of baking/cake pan. Measure to make sure that the centre toothpick is in position.
7. Freeze remaining cake portion by placing into the freezer for 30-60 minutes.
8. Place a thin layer of cake batter on the bottom of the pan, between the two red segments. Use a small utensil to smooth the batter on to the bottom of the pan, creating a thin layer of cake batter.
9. When cake portion is frozen (step 7), remove from freezer and cut out angled slabs of cake. Using a maple leaf cookie cutter, cut out angled maple leaves. Place the maple leaves into the centre of the vanilla cake batter. Complete until there is a ring of maple leaves in the centre of the cake.
10. Top maple leaves with additional vanilla cake batter, using as much as need to cover the maple leaves. Gently smooth the batter out, making sure to fill any gaps/holes between the red portions of the cake.
11. Bake cake again for 60-80 minutes at 350F or until vanilla cake is golden brown.
12. When the cake is finished baking, all to cool and level off vanilla portion to be flush with the red portion.
13. Cover top of the cake with a thin layer of white buttercream.
14. Using piping bags fitted with Wilton #21 tip (or other small open star tips), using a zig zag motion, pipe zig zags up the sides of the cake, and towards the centre about two inches. Switch to alternate colour, and repeat around the outside of the cake.
15. Pipe a maple leaf in the centre of the cake (around the centre toothpick).
16. Apply maple leaf sprinkles as desired.
17. Serve immediately and/or refrigerate for 2-3 days in an airtight container.

SOURCE: Cookiescupcakesandcardio, YouTube

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