An injured Hammerhead is helped  after it is realized it is entangled in fish hooks and line around its head.   Check out the exciting footage of it being saved by the brave folks who find it!



Of the 10 known species of hammerhead, only three of them are known to be particularly dangerous to humans: the scalloped, great, and smooth hammerheads. As of 2013 there have been 33 attacks, but no fatalities.

The great and the scalloped hammerhead are listed on the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) 2008 Red List as endangered, whereas the smalleye hammerhead is listed as vulnerable. The status given to these sharks is as a result of over-fishing and demand for their fins, an expensive delicacy. Among others, scientists expressed their concern about the plight of the scalloped hammerhead at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Boston. The young swim mostly in shallow waters along shores all over the world to avoid predators.

SOURCE: onearamstarfish, YouTube, WIKI

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