If you want to sell your home, making a few upgrades can really increase the value. BUT, you must be smart about the choices you make.   Here are a few ideas to think about for the BEST success in the resale market!


Create Curb Appeal


Imagine walking up your driveway as a potential buyer. Does the exterior of your home leave a lasting impression? Starting the process to prepare for a sale can be as simple as beginning at the front door. Creating an inviting entryway will entice potential buyers even before they set foot inside. Adding a pop of colour on the door will make a statement, and changing out the hardware fixtures will update the look instantly.

Cleaning up your lawn, power washing the siding and planting trees, bushes and flowers are also simple ways to invest in curb appeal. Lining the walkway with solar powered lights is also a nice touch.

Update the Bathroom


According to a recent Houzz and Home survey of homeowners, bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular renovation projects, with most concentrating their attention on the bath. It’s important to focus on the details that can quickly update the space, such as installing quality fixtures, when you’re remodeling. As you begin the selection process for new fixtures, consider those with a timeless style that will be appreciated not only by you, but by a wide variety of home buyers. For example, Moen Canada tells us that the Voss collection provides a beautiful focal point in the bathroom. Available in single-handle, widespread, centreset and wallmount styles, this faucet collection blends the best of both transitional and modern styling.

Adding storage in the shower and bath space, as well as installing a new shower curtain rod are easy ways prepare your home for potential buyers. With these key updates, the look and functionality of the bathroom will improve – and that could mean more money in your pocket.

A Little Clean Up Goes a Long Way


Disagreeable smells are concerning because they could indicate an underlying problem such as mold or mildew. Try a dehumidifier to dry out damp areas if you suspect nasty odours might be due to excess water. Also, having your carpets and drapery professionally cleaned on a regular basis will keep the surroundings smelling fresh, especially if you have pets. If your home could use a deep clean, it might be worth investing in a service that will not only help tidy up, but will also work with you to organize around the house.

Just remember: concentrating on essential repairs and easy updates can instantly change the perception of potential buyers. These focused upgrades are a great way to help ensure you make the most from your sale.

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SOURCE: newscanada

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