What a night!  Excitement ran high as the federal election finally came to its conclusion and Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party secured a majority government last night.  Here is an overview of the numbers across the country…federal


Locally in Niagara… there will be some changes to note.  In one of the more surprising upsets of the night, local lawyer Chris Bittle defeated longtime St. Catharines MP Rick Dysktra in what started as a close battle before very quickly becoming a huge lead!

Bittle says he believes the residents of St. Catharines wanted change, and he’s excited to prove to voters they elected the right person.


Meanwhile, another new Liberal from Niagara will join Bittle in Ottawa. Former Port Colborne Mayor Vance Badawey defeated NDP incumbent Malcolm Allen in the riding of Niagara Centre.


Niagara West and Niagara Falls remain Conservative blue as does Niagara Falls with Rob Nicholson winning his bid for re-election.

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