The Lincoln County Humane Society welcomed some New Mexico dogs to its 4th Avenue Shelter last evening. 9 Chihuahuas now call Niagara home, after taking a late flight into Buffalo and crossing the border into Canada around 9 p.m. The dogs will be placed up for adoption next week at the St. Catharines shelter.

New Mexico is a new adoption partner for the LCHS and, due to the low number of dogs available in Niagara, the LCHS is able to assist with the dog over-population crisis in the southern United States. Sadly, some shelters in New Mexico have a 0% live release rate – the polar opposite in St. Catharines.

Staff at LCHS say that they have no doubt that these friendly dogs will find loving, forever homes in Niagara and they are happy to help shelters in New Mexico with their over-population challenges.

Next Monday morning, October 26, 2015 at 9 am the LCHS will open its doors to potential adopters. Pictured is LCHS dog-socialization volunteer Emily with the Chihuahuas.

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