According to the Niagara Regaional Police Service, for the past several months they have been receiving complaints regarding a prostitution and “John” problem in the Queenston Street/Gale Crescent area of St. Catharines. People who lived in the area were becoming frustrated as they were unable to enjoy the comforts of there own homes due to the activities of the people involved. As a result of these complaints members of the St. Catharines Street Crime Unit initiated an investigation in an effort to alleviate this problem.

On October 22nd, and October 29th, 2015 members of the St. Catharines Street Crime Unit, the Guns,Gangs, and Grows Unit, Morality Unit, and Uniform Patrol conducted  prostitution/”john” sweeps in this targeted area. As a result of these sweeps Police arrested a total of 5 prostitutes and 9 “johns”. All 14 persons arrested during these two days of sweeps were subsequently released from custody to attend court on a later date.   Additionally, two of the persons arrested were found to be in possession of illegal narcotics resulting in additional criminal charges, and the seizure of 18 capsules of MDMA and over $1,000.00 worth of cocaine.


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