How cool is this?


Construction crews have found an old time capsule during the rebuilding of a YMCA  in Scarborough.

The old Y is being replaced with a new one and as the crews were taking down the first, they found a metal box (pictured) inside a cornerstone dated 1952.  Inside the time capsule was: a silver dollar, a newspaper from Sept. 27, 1952, a one-page invitation to the laying of the cornerstone and a Bible.

YMCA officials say they weren’t sure they would find the time capsule, but they  thought they might because the Y  historically has often buried a time capsule near a cornerstone in an effort to preserve its long history .  The YMCA is now in the process of putting together a new time capsule that will go into the cornerstone of the new building.

The YMCA where the capsule was found is located at 880 Kingston Rd. near Victoria Park Avenue (pictured below from google maps)


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