The  Roll Up The Rim, is back this year at Tim Hortons in Canada…with a few changes.

Most Canadians know how to claim a minor Tim Hortons prize: Simply  tear off their tab on your cup and present it at a Tim Hortons restaurant to get your prize.

Approximately 30 million coffee and 12.85 million doughnut prizes are up for grabs. Free coffee winners can choose any size hot beverage, and free doughnut winners can choose any single muffin, cookie or doughnut.

Overall odds of winning are one-in-six, according to the official contest rules.

But when it comes to winning the bigger prizes like let’s say a car…things get a bit more tricky.  Let’s take a look:


Tim Hortons includes PIN codes on its winning $100 gift card tabs, so winners can redeem their prize quickly online, or mail it in instead. But, did you know if the PIN code is not included with the mail-in claim, the prize will not be accepted?

That’s what happened last year, when a woman from Newfoundland lossed out on a $100 gift card because she mailed in the part of the tab with the winning message written on it, but did not save the part with the PIN.

A Tim Hortons spokesperson  says the PIN codes now have been repositioned on winning cups, so winners don’t accidentally miss their PIN code and are located in the middle of the winning tab.

Anyone who wins a larger prize must keep the winning tab, in full, and submit it by mail along with a prize claim form to Tim Hortons.

According to the contest rules: “Potentially winning rim tabs must include the entire prize message printed under the rim. Contest sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject any potentially winning rim tab if the prize message is not present in its entirety.”

Prizes must be claimed by the end of the day on May 8, 2016.

E-coffees and mail-order cups

You technically don’t need to buy a coffee to roll up the rim. Canadians can request a roll-up cup by sending a letter and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Tim Hortons Contest Cup & Rules

PO Box 13293, Saint John N.B., E2L 5E7

OK and now you know!  Get rollin to win!

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