“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

You put trust and faith in yourself and in your ability when you are mentally strong.   You manage your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set the stage for your success.  Mental Strength is one of the most influential motivators of behavior because you’re not afraid to have a personal power and presence that reflects how you view your equality to others.

A growing body of evidence also seems to suggest that self-confidence and success are related. Studies from the Ohio State University and the University of Melbourne have found that an individual’s career paths may be influenced by their own levels of self-confidence. When you reach a stage in your life where you’ve built up proper self-confidence, you see the world differently and you don’t react to everyday situations the same as others.

Simply, you fear less.


1. The Success of Others –You appreciate and celebrate the success of others when you are self-confident. You don’t grow jealous when a co-worker gets a promotion. Instead, you recognize that hard work begets success and you know you will succeed in your own right so you’re comfortable with that without feeling cheated.

It’s a sign of emotional security when you are confident in your own abilities. You know there’s no need to undermine others or take part in talking trash about their success just to make yourself feel better about your situation.

Striving to reach this level of self-confidence can’t be minimized. It’s an important stage to your career life-cycle when you can be genuinely happy for the success of others and even more so when you allow yourself to feel inspired by those successes.


2. The Past, the Present, or the Future – When you are mentally strong, you acknowledge the past but you don’t live there. You don’t waste time dwelling on the bygone or wishing things could be different. You learn from it by reflecting on your experiences and then turning them into guiding principles for your life. Reflecting upon experiences is not reliving them. Mentally strong people do not repetitively recreate bad experiences or fantasize about the glory days. You come to understand the power of the present. You know that future achievements are planned for and are carried out in the present.

3. Being Alone – Being alone doesn’t equate to loneliness. In today’s relentlessly connected world, finding privacy has almost become a lost art. It actually seems that Western culture tends to associate a desire for solitude with people who are lonely or have antisocial tendencies. However, seeking solitude can be mentally healthy.

There are many psychological and physical benefits to spending time alone. It allows you to relax and then restart your brain. You have to give your brain a chance replenish itself. Not having distractions gives you the opportunity to clear your mind, gain clarity, and focus. You can revitalize your mind and body at the same time.


4. New Challenges and Change – With change comes challenges. Mentally strong people don’t try to avoid change because they know revolutionary ideas are seldom born from the status quo. Instead, they often welcome change and believe in their abilities enough to work with the change.

Self-confidence also makes it easier to take calculated risks and push yourself to new heights. Playing to your strengths is a smart tactic and you can use that to take on new challenges. Many people don’t know what they are capable of until they are truly tested.

5. Failure – Failure can be useful in building confidence. The key is to try things you don’t think you can do. Of course, that’s often easier said than done, right? Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. It feels bad to not be good at something but testing yourself is the way to grow. Failure isn’t a reason to give up, it’s an opportunity to improve. Confident people understand failure is necessary for success. You don’t always get it right on the first go round but you’re strong enough to know that you aren’t going to quit.

And, here’s one thing mentally strong people do fear:


The Status Quo – Self-confident people don’t assume they have reached a point in life where they are done improving or they know everything. Living in the status quo or your comfort zone is an impediment to success. Those who understand this realize there will be times in life when their fortitude will be tested and when they will falter and fail but they have to get out of their comfort zone in order to make things happen. There’s no fear though because they have an arsenal of skills to draw from in order to boost their success.

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.  Deeply ingrained confidence and self-worth will make life more enjoyable, exciting and satisfying. Being mentally strong changes things and people take notice.

Be noticed.

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