It is that time again…..This is the weekend you will loose a bit of sleep (one hour that is) as we switch from standard time to daylight saving time.  Remember before going to bed tonight night, turn your clocks and watches ahead one hour.

The time change doesn’t apply to Saskatchewan, which remains on central standard time year-round.Other parts of Canada that keep to standard time year-round include a section of northeastern British Columbia, the East Kootenay region of southeastern BC, three communities in the Central Time Zone in northwestern Ontario, the eastern tip of Quebec, and Southampton Island in Nunavut.

For the rest of the country, daylight saving time ends November 6th.

Due to the lost hour of sleep, drivers are advised to take extra care when getting behind the wheel on Monday and here s an interesting study to back up why…A 1996 study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed an increase of eight per cent in the number of motor vehicle accidents on the Monday after the spring time change.


OK you’ve been forewarned!  Take care…

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