Hundreds of school kids piled into the Heart Niagara headquarters in Niagara Falls yesterday for an incredible day of action, education, friendship and ultimately…..movement!


When you think about it, kids just don’t get the activity that they used to in their everyday lives.  Computers, TV’s, gaming….you name it and kids are doing it, but with that comes lots of couch potato time.

Enter the Niagara Physical Literacy Summit which teaches kids how to get their grove back.  Specifically it provides a unique perspective by using kids as a vehicle to provide educators, recreation leaders and coaches with an experiential, practical and energizing physical literacy professional development experience.

Hop, jump, skip, dance, run, kick, chase, the kids were doing it all and having a great learning experience at the same time. Throw in some musical entertainment , a healthy lunch and the Niagara River Lions basketball team and you have a winning combination that got the kid’s attention.

These are a few video highlights from the day provided through Heart Niagara.

About Heart Niagara:

Heart Niagara empowers our community by providing children and adults with the education, training and tools necessary to take control of their heart health.

Heart Niagara is a non-profit organization providing heart health education, resources, and services throughout Niagara. From the Healthy Heart Schools Program to Corporate Services, we strive to make the region a safer place to live, work, and learn for people of all ages.

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