Live With Intention – In recent weeks, I have aspired to shine the light on positivity, unity, and learning to lean on others through hard and difficult times for our readers. This week, whether you choose to follow mainstream media or shy away from it, we’ve all become aware of uncontrollable fires happening out west. In tragedy and anguish, people are coming together. They are putting aside prejudice, racism and hatred, and uniting together to help their fellow man (and woman) out. In areas declared a state of emergency, heroes are running into the fire in efforts to save people from perishing. These men and women weren’t asked to go, they wanted to, and nobody could stop them. This is what turned an ordinary person into a hero. In call of duty they rise to the occasion and become extraordinary.


Here at the Shelter, I see and hear these stories frequently. Ordinary people step up by coming in to volunteer their time, donate their hard earned money, offer their valuable resources, foster abused puppies, and adopt a new member into their Forever Family. In heartbreak and sadness, we unite and find strength. Here are a few examples of our furry friends who have been adopted in the past; their new homes have recently posted updates on our FaceBook page.

Kathy Wood: This is Angel, we adopted her from the NFHS in January of this year. We’ve never adopted before. It’s been the best experience and we’ve never loved a dog more. (Angel Below)…

1. angel
Carol Bellows: We adopted Goose from NFHS 1 year ago. He is an incredible boy. Loving and playful. Couldn’t imagine our family without this guy. Thank you NFHS for giving all these animals a 2nd, 3rd, 4th….. chance.(Goose Below)…



Mike O’Howe: This is Roland.. I adopted him at the NFHS 5 years ago.. Best money I ever spent. He’s my best buddy. Rescue dogs are the best!

1. roland
As I’ve been saying, and have always said, adopting a pet is never a bad decision. In every story that I hear, it’s positive and brings forth an incredible enhancement into your life and your family. Pets are there with us through it all, thick and thin. In fun times filled with good health, and tough times when the bills just keep adding up and the bank account can’t seem to get out of the red no matter what you do.

Sometimes, I hear accounts where a family or individual is wise enough to see that they just can’t provide a good life for their pet. Leah posted online : Thank you for taking my dog when my family could no longer care for him, and helping him find his furever home. It brings so much peace to my heart and I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

Here is Dudley…he has been waiting a while at the shelter…can you open your home to this boy?  Look at those big brown eyes…..


Unfortunately, I hear too many stories where an owner abandons a dog in the street who quickly hopeless, alone and hungry. I hear stories where dogs are tied up and their muzzles wrapped so that it becomes disfigured and swollen, and in excruciating pain. At the Shelter, it’s not uncommon to walk in in the morning and find a dog, cat or rabbit left out in the elements over a long weekend, caged, for us to take in. We have no medical or social history of these pets. It’s incredibly irresponsible of the previous owners to do this to their family pets. It makes me very angry to know that people like this are in our community. I am very thankful to know that there are more wonderful people willing to help than to cause damage. The scales are tipped in favour of the good.
This past week we hosted our second annual Ruff Night Kennel Sleepover (main picture features KATO who is up for adoption at the event). All of our Ruff Nighters had a great time sending the night with our shelter dogs! For the featured article highlighting this even and the pictures, see our FaceBook page.

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Tickets are only $1.00 each and can be purchased at the Adoption Centre in the Niagara Square. All proceeds go to help the animals at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.

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