Main Picture – Bonita up for adoption now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society, a 3 year old Chihuhua Mix


Change. It’s a single word with such an impact. Change. This is the one consistent thing in life. Days pass, seasons come and go; both physical seasons – like winter, spring, summer, fall and winter – and emotional seasons – coming of age, your first job, first love and first broken heart, overcoming childhood trauma, accomplishing a goal you have strives decades for….change.



Small and great stories alike are based on change. Great books are written where great change occurs. Look at your life. Think about how everything has changed, continues to change, and may change in the future. Really – just stop right now and reflect. Breath in and think. We are all on a different spot in our journey. Some people are in a low rut, and others are riding a high. Life ebbs and flows. It changes. Isn’t that a funny thing to think about? Isn’t it strange to see what has happened in the past, and reflect on how it has influenced who we are now?

Change can be manipulated. It can be harnessed if we chose to harness it. We can change our lives and mold it just as a clay maker molds a bowl. The good thing about change is that you can go at any speed you want to. Fast. Slow. Running all out. It’s up to you. Change isn’t contained to just human experience. Look at the change in the life around us. Our cities grow every year as construction builds new subdivisions, and our forests shrink. Think about our favourite childhood “secret” spots in the woods, those memories that may bring a smile to your face, even today. Is it still around? Go take a look – and bring your dog for a walk. Reflect. Think about how your whole world has changed since those more innocent times of childhood. When things seemed simpler.

Have you ever felt lost in life? Maybe you feel lost right now or maybe you can recall a time when you were lost and found a way to find yourself. On our website, we have many animals who are currently lost, and their owners have reached out to us in efforts to try and find their lost loved ones. If you could take a moment out of your day and take a look at these lost animals, pictures are posted. I think it would mean the world to the owners and pets if you recognized a lost animal and could help reunite them. Be the change in the world. We can’t do this alone. We could use your help.

Little Bonita (Main picture) has made such great strides in releasing her inner pup! When I think of the first time I met her, and all she would do is peek at me from the back of the kennel, whereas now she is all wiggly with joy when I approach her and anxious to get into her little harness so she can go walking. She runs in circles on the end of her leash, she’s so excited to be outside. While toys don’t seem to interest her, she does like to pick up small sticks as we walk, and will jump on them when I toss them for her. She loves to sit in my lap and give kisses, and sits on command for treats. Today we were working on shake-a-paw. With a calm, patient approach from her human buddies, Bonita has the potential to blossom into a wonderful friend for her forever family. Just like the change I have been talking about, Bonita shows us how easy change can be.

Linda spent time with Yeti and observes: What an adorable fluff of blond fur!!!! Yeti is so sweet you can’t help falling in love with him. He walks right beside me, sits and comes also. Yeti is a handsome little guy who is a little shy but coming out of his shell very nicely. I don’t think he has had a good life, but he is sure getting spoiled now. Yeti isn’t that big, he is very affectionate and with the right owner I can see him flourishing. He isn’t interested in toys, probably never had play time but likes to sit with you for some cuddling. Yeti needs some good loving that he has missed out on so far!!!! Come out and meet this little munchkin guaranteed he’ll steal your heart too. (Yeti pictured below)



Alexis spent sometime with Steve and had this to share: Steve is a great dog with so much potential! He was a little antsy to get outside but once I got him out to the pen he was running and exploring and most of all burning off his energy. He was not interested in toys but with time I think he will learn to enjoy them and realize that they are fun and he can play. After he settled down we worked on some leash manners which he picked up incredibly quickly and was an absolute delight to walk. He is a big boy who would benefit from daily exercise and lots of love! It was great to spend time with him. (Steve pictured below)


Hi I am Sport! My foster mom was going to tell you all about me but I decided that she should pet me instead. I think she should always pet me instead of anything she is doing. So while she is giving me my 100th, well deserved bully rub of the day, I will tell you all about me. I do love attention, I love being with my person, it does take me a little time to really relax around new people, but once I have, I simply must be around you all the time. I will sit at your feet while you cook or do dishes. I will even snuggle right next to you on the couch or even in bed if you let me. I do sometimes get jealous of my brother, Sparky, but Foster Mom is quick to correct me. When we walk, I get very excited that I want to go chase everything, especially cats (I don’t like cats)! My foster mom is helping me with that problem though. I also really love my brother Sparky. We play together, chase each other and even snuggle up together. I really can’t wait till I meet our new forever family, as long as you like snuggling, throwing a ball and more snuggling,Sparky and I will be forever yours. Sport is a shy guy who is learning to trust people and come out of his shell. Sport is 12 lbs. He needs to be adopted with his brother Sparky. A special adoption fee of $500 applies for this bonded brother pair. (Sport pictured below)



August 21st we will be volunteering at our local Bingo hall from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. If anyone would like to help with our Bingo nights please contact Shannon Wood at (905) 356-4404 ext 234 or by email at

We are currently looking for volunteers to be Cat Cuddlers at the Cat Centre in Niagara Square. Think you have what it takes to cuddle with these kitties? Stop by to pick up an application or check our website under the “Get Involved” section.

We are in shortage of a number of things and could really use your help – dog food, Martingale collars, and exercise pens.

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This week’s column contributed by Christopher Dalton.  For more information on all the animals go to the Niagara Falls Humane Society website CLICK HERE

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