The summer has wound down to a grinding halt on its march into the first snow squalls of winter. This weekend, we gather together on the journey into the inevitable cold with a warm and loving Thanksgiving weekend. This marks the last long weekend for some time, with a pit stop at Halloween for some scary festivities before the fat man in the red suit comes to visit us. (Main pic is Elmer a 5 year old pub mix at the Niagara Falls Humane Society now.  For more information CLICK HERE)


No, I am not fat shaming Santa, for those negative nannies out there. And I believe people should be allowed to wear clown costumes if they want for Halloween – even if there are some strange people out there who like to run around outside of Halloween time trying to get themselves arrested – but I digress. Let’s focus on this weekend and what we can be thankful for. I for one, am very thankful to be living in Canada. As we all know, and have been superimposed by, there is an election happening state side with two less than desirable candidates. Let’s start with being thankful that we’re living here in Canada, and don’t have to deal with that drama.

I want to take a moment to applaud everyone who’s stepped up and adopted an animal from our Shelter. You are our true heroes in the community. You have made a conscious decision to drive, walk, taxi or bus your way to one of our two locations and commit to caring for an abandoned and alone animal. That takes true commitment, dedication and strength. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the unrelenting drives of our volunteers – they help keep this place going strong each and every week. I want to express our thanks for our lovely and fearless leader Cathy Fugler. She radiates positivity. Whether it’s behind her desk, advocating for animals, sitting through presentations or her online presence – she’s always got something interesting to speak about. This positivity and intellect trickles down throughout the rest of us, and sets the stage for a great atmosphere and culture here at the Shelter.

Take a look at this beautiful dog! What a blessing he has been at the Shelter. He will make an amazing addition to your family – come pick him up today, don’t wait!

(Pictured below, Azul a 3 year old Husky German Shpherd mix looking for a new home now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  Gor more information : CLICK HERE)




This handsome man is always happy to greet you – he is that perfect fix for that social man you’ve been looking for in your life. He’s funny, charming, and has great eyes. What more could you ask for in a man? Come take him home! (Pictured below, 5 year old Baxter who is a Jack Russell Terrier.  For more information CLICK HERE). 



We also have THREE rabbits looking for their forever homes! Having three at once living at the Shelter is unusual. I just finished building a new rabbit hutch for my buns – I’ll race you to the Shelter! First one there gets them – ready….GO!!

The Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre Charity Dinner Auction

Join us for a night out as we host a live auction dinner on Friday October 21st at the Americana on Lundy’s Lane. Tickets are only $25.00 each or a table of 8 for $160.00. Interested? Contact Shannon Wood at (905) 356-4404 ext. 234.

7 Year Adoption Centre Celebration!

It’s been 7 years already at our secondary location at Niagara Square! Time does fly by when you’re loving all those feline furs. To celebrate, we are offering a very special $75 adoption fee for the month of October. That’s a 25% savings!! This applies only to cats over one years of age.

Wild Bill’s Auto Repair October Fundraiser

1. Oil lube and filters $25

2. Safety inspection $99.95

3. Free computer scans

4. Free tire rotation

5. Free winter inspection

Wild Bill is offering this in memory of his father William Robert Hunter to keep his memory alive every day in everyone’s heart and to make sure that these animals have plenty of food. These prices are only good with donations that are brought directly at time of service to wild bills auto repair 7868 Oakwood Drive unit 1 . Appointments are required 289-407-1540

When this offer is over in November, he will double the donations at his cost for the love he has for the animals. What an amazing contribution from a local business. Take care of your car at a discounted price AND help the animals! How can you say no?

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Stay safe, don’t drink and drive, and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

Let us know what you think!