Featured in this video, Dawson and Bones are an adorable bonded pair, left by their previous owners in bad shape and now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society urgently looking for a new home together.  Please read more of their story below:


For those of us that have siblings, we know what a gift they can be. They’re a friend, a constant companion, and someone to have adventures with. There are currently two dogs here at the shelter, brothers, and they go by the names Dawson and Bones. Dawson, the big brother, is a 4 year old Black Lab and is also the boss. Bones the not-so-little little brother is a 1 year old Mastiff and looks up to his brother like crazy.

They came in on a hot afternoon, with a story that their owner moved away and left them behind. They were both in extremely bad shape, and Bones got his name because his were very easy to see. To say they were flea infested would be an understatement, and their skin was so raw from scratching and chewing it was bloody. They sized us up and were probably wondering what was happening, and wondering what this place was.

We treated their fleas and started them on meds right away. Because of their size, we had to put them in separate dog runs. Dawson was doing well for the most part, but Bones was acting out and almost being aggressive in his run. The day came when they were feeling better and needed to get their vaccines. We decided that we would get them both out together, and we were amazed at what we saw. This giant dog that was barking and growling at everyone, once with his brother, was now playing like a puppy and was just overall a much happier boy. That confirmed what we suspected, these two dogs, these two brothers, love and need each other.

Dawson and Bones now get out daily to play together in our pens. To watch them run around and chase each other is a true joy. They are much loved by the staff here, and are two big babies. Dogs that came in looking sad and confused, are now thriving and putting on weight. Their fur has grown back and that flea bitten skin is just a memory. The only thing missing is a forever home they can call their own.

We understand that it is asking a lot to adopt these boys together, but we truly feel that it is within their best interest to do so. Applicants would benefit from having large breed experience, and a home with no small children is required. They have been through enough in their lives, the last thing we want to do is take them away from each other. Their adoption fee for both sweethearts has been reduced  thanks to a donation. If you have space in your home and in your heart for these two brothers, please contact us at the shelter. Thank you!!

(Written by: Jen Wiken RVT )



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