Police say that in the interest of community safety, the Niagara Regional Police Service held a Community Notification Advisory Committee hearing involving Community Partners in relation to the public disclosure of information of a high risk sex offender who has returned to Niagara.  Upon the unanimous recommendation of the committee and under the authority of the Police Services Act of Ontario, Acting Chief Joe Matthews discloses the following information regarding Bobby Terry MATHIESON.


Bobby MATHIESON was released after completing his sentence from federal penitentiary on October 21, 2016.  At the time of his release from the penitentiary, he was brought before a provincial court judge in St. Catharines, Ontario where he was placed on a Recognizance of Bail.

Bobby MATHIESON has been convicted of Makes, Prints, Publishes or Possesses for the Purpose of Publication Any Child Pornography contrary to Section 163.1(2) Criminal Code of Canada for which he was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month.

He has been deemed by Correctional Services Canada to be a high risk to re-offend upon his release.

Bobby MATHIESON is described as a white male, 39 years of age, 170 cm (5’7″), 55 kgs (120lbs), slim build, with brown hair and blue eyes.  Pictured Below:


MATHIESON is bound by numerous conditions under the terms of the Recognizance of Bail including:

– Report to Niagara Regional Police Service, once every week.
– Report prior to any change of address, employment or relationship status.
– Not to communicate directly or indirectly with any person under the age of 16 years.
– Attend counseling.
– Not to use or possess any device capable of storing data in a digital format, including but not limited to the following: computers, handheld devices, personal digital assistants, cellular telephones that can access the internet or take photographs (cell phones that cannot are permitted), digital cameras including those capable of recording video.
– Not to use the Internet or be in possession of any device capable of accessing the Internet or composing, transmitting or receiving electronic mail.
– Not to possess any images of children who appear to be under the age of 16 years.

MATHIESON is also bound by conditions under the terms of Section 161 Criminal Code including:

– No go to Public Park, swimming area, daycare center, school ground, playground, community center where persons under the age of 16 years are present or can reasonably be expected to be present.
– No seeking, obtaining or continuing employment, whether or not the employment is remunerated, or becoming or being a volunteer in a capacity that involves being in a position of trust or authority towards persons under the age of 16 years.

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