(Main picture:  Meet Ginger! She is an 8 plus senior cat who is quiet and loving. She is a plus size orange tabby who came to the shelter when her owner was unable to care for her any more. She is a unique looking cat who loves chin rubs. Since she has arrived at the shelter she has really come out of her shell. She still likes her hiding spots under chairs and in cupboards but will come out for love and attention. Ginger is ready to go to a home as she has already been fixed, her shots are up to date and she has received treatment for fleas and worms. She is best suited for a home that is on the quieter side and without any dog siblings).  For more information click HERE.

Who is that wrinkled woman I see in the mirror?  I find it hard to believe it’s my face I’m looking at.  In my mind I should still look as I did many years ago, and as long as I don’t encounter a mirror I can be under that illusion.

I did not inherit good skin genes.  Being a redhead, with a fair, freckled complexion, passed to me by my Father, the wrinkles came much too quickly and keep on coming.  It didn’t help that as a teen I joined my friends in slathering on the baby oil and baking myself in the sun at Sherkston Beach or Dufferin Islands.  The result was numerous sunburns, blistering and peeling, every summer.  Hats?  Sunscreen?  No way!  Many of us are paying the price of that foolishness now, with issues more serious than wrinkles. (Below, meet Dallas, an 8 year old, super friendly guy!  For more information click HERE).


With age the vanity of youth is replaced (we hope) with more meaningful character traits and the realization that outward beauty fades quickly, so our emphasis should be on inner beauty, being kind to others, following the Golden Rule, etc.

The wonderful reality is that our animal friends do not care what we look like!  First thing in the morning they are excited to greet us, before makeup, in spite of bedhead, before coffee!!  They love us just the way we are and this gives such a boost to our life experience.  Nothing can replace the strength of that bond, particularly if we are alone, with only our pet(s) for companionship. (Below, 5 year old handsome boy Lincoln.  For more information click HERE).


There was a news report recently that struck a chord.  A fire had taken place  in a seniors’ apartment building, confined, fortunately to just one unit.  As far as I know everyone was safe.  The footage showed the shaken residents outside, and a number of them had pets with them.  One woman had her two little dogs in cages and said she had grabbed them as fast as she could, then evacuated the building.  Another was holding her cat, and still others had dogs on leashes.  How wonderful that these people have their beloved pets to give purpose to their lives, and to help them cope with a such a traumatic event.  And kudoes to that building’s landlord for making it a pet friendly residence where people can have the companionship of an animal friend.

(Below, cute little Birdie, looking for a home!  For more information click HERE).


If you see the wrinkles creeping up on you, but still want to feel beautiful, or handsome, consider sharing your life with a pet from the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  They will love you for who you are….outward appearance does not influence them.  Oh, that people could be so kind!!  Besides, having a furry companion brings a smile to your face, and who isn’t more beautiful when they smile?

(Below, shy little Cannon needs a new kittie home.  For more information click HERE). 


Check out the Niagara Falls Humane Society website www.nfhs.ca or come visit in person to see who’s waiting to meet you.  We have many upcoming events you may wish to support, and ways that you can help enrich the lives of the Shelter pets until they find their new homes.  

This week’s column written by Phyllis Babyk

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