Police say that after receiving numerous complaints from the public, they initiated an investigation into the sale of marijuana from 108 Hartzel Road, St. Catharines. This location is known as the Niagara Cannabis Club.


As a result of observations made and information received, Police obtained a search warrant for the Hartzel Road address as well as a Pelham Road address .

On Thursday May 11th, 2017 at approximately 10:25 am the search warrant on Hartzel Road was executed and two people were arrested. Police then went to an address on Pelham Road and executed another search warrant where one male was arrested.

Police searched both locations and seized over $200,000.00 worth of drugs, and several thousand more dollars worth of marijuana infused products commonly known as “edibles”.

Charged with 2 counts of Possession of a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance , 2 counts of Unlawful Production of a Controlled Substance, and 1 count of Possession of Proceeds of Crime is 52-year-old Timothy Robitaille and 50-year-old Kelly Kirby.

These two individuals operated the Niagara Cannabis Club, and were making profits by trafficking marijuana buds, oils and edibles.

This is the fourth location in less then a month that Police have conducted search warrants on places such as the Niagara Cannabis Club for trafficking in marijuana. Although the operators of these places claim that they are providing a service for those who legitimately need marihuana for medical reasons, they are nothing more then drug traffickers. They are operating on a cash only basis and are directly profiting from the illegal sale of controlled substances.

Police again would like to remind members of the public that locations claiming to be authorized to sell marijuana, are fraudulent. Members of the public can only receive marijuana from a Health Canada approved  producer or a authorized production licence.

Members of the Niagara Regional Police will continue to investigate these types of businesses.

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