(Main picture, look at those EYES! Ms. Walker is a 5 year old Hound Mix looking for a loving home. For more information CLICK HERE).


I have noticed something about dogs and dog owners, and certainly I’m guilty of this: our pets actually rule the household. I’m pretty sure this is part of their global plan to take over the world. It starts in the individual households to eventually expand to more public venues.

Think about it. We have dog parks now. Parks for dogs, where we as the owners are sidelined, relegated to the fence with a conciliatory cup of Timmies to chat to the other minions about….OUR DOGS!

Gone are the days when the dog was an appendage of the nuclear family and slept at the foot of the bed, satisfied with a mat. Now they get pride of place in the bed, and often at least one frustrated sleeper moves off to the couch for an attempt at uninterrupted sleep before going out into the world to earn money to pay for no-grain, all-natural, omega 3 saturated dog food and all-natural organic dog treats.

(Max in the picture below is a young Beagle/Border Colllie Mix who loves to play and would make someone a wonderful companion  For more information CLICK HERE.)


No more does the family dog bring the head of the house (man or woman) their slippers. Now dogs have slippers of their own, stylish ones with Velcro because they can’t tie laces. Are they just too lazy to le

Currently, I’m sitting on my couch writing this with a dog on either side of me snoozing away stretched out to their fullest. My elbows are stuck into my sides and I can only slowly reach for my tea in case I jostle one of them. Both just had beauty treatments yesterday and sport cute little spring kerchiefs and bows, while my hair is tied in a scrap of yarn I found.

How did this happen? In what universe does the family pet end up ruling the roost?  (Below, sweet Lily’s smile can light up a room!  For more information about adopting her please CLICK HERE)


Apparently this one, and I’m not alone. Dogs have become one of the family; one of our children. (Sometimes I like them better than my children…….Don’t judge!) They love us unconditionally, only want our approval and love. They want to please us – get this – for us! Not because they want a new x-box game or cell phone. They don’t care if our car is old, they still want to go for car rides. They don’t mind when we are unmotivated and spend the day in jammies watching movies because it means they can snuggle us all day long. They do not look down on us when we choose fast food over healthy meals, that’s because they are looking at the floor in case anything falls.

(Below, long time resident Carlos is hoping someone will stop by and see his immense potential.  For more information CLICK HERE).


In short, they make it all about us, and if that doesn’t smack of getting us under their control and taking over the world, I don’t know what else does! The Niagara Falls Humane Society (NFHS) always has tenants available who are looking for a home of their own to control towards this endeavour. And the price we have to pay is unconditional love. I think that’s worth it.

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