Main picture is sweet Ginger, a German Shepherd mix looking for a home now at the Niagara Fals Humane Society.  For more info CLICK HERE.

Will you bear with me while I brag about my absolutely gorgeous, very intelligent grandpuppies?  Thanks!!

There is our sweet, funny fawn Great Dane, who came to our family when she was about six months old, rehomed from another family.  She was all long, gangly legs, and personality plus.  And did she have energy!!!  Conscientious training and lots of love have helped her become a wonderful member of the family who constantly entertains us with her antics and uncanny ways of communication.  She stands in front of us, looks intently into our eyes and “talks” to us until we clue in to what she wants.  

Her sibling is a black Dane, becoming frosty around her muzzle, rescued from a Dane sanctuary in New York State.  While estimated to be around eight years old, this girl has the energy of a pup and can run like the wind.  One of her eyes is smaller than the other and often looks cloudy, but she has sight in it.  If there are dogs or other animals on the television she instantly focuses and is very interested.  Just last week she lunged and barked at our TV when she spotted a three-toed sloth hanging in a tree on one of the nature episodes.  Needless to say we have to keep a quick finger on the remote to change channels immmediately!

Below, Joseph, a gorgeous German Shepherd Mix looking for an adoptive family! For more information CLICK HERE.


A few weeks ago the fawn Dane had her teeth scaled and two were extracted.  She was hilarious at home afterwards, recovering from the sedation.  She was standing in a pigeon-toed stance, completely blitzed, just short of eyeballs spinning.  She would go outside, but then just stare up at the sky, wondering which planet she was on.  She hadn’t finished her dinner…she had a hard time focusing, needless to say….but shortly after she was staring at me and then pacing in the kitchen.  I asked if she wanted the rest of her dinner and she went right to the stool where we place her bowl, so I knew I had guessed correctly.  But I couldn’t find where my daughter had put the bowl with the leftovers.  I searched all over the kitchen, and then realized that both dogs were staring at the microwave.  Sure enough, I opened it, and there was her dish…a good hiding place from two very tall, counter-surfing dogs.  But weren’t they clever to know just where it was!!

Below, Rosie, a Husky Mix at the NFHS now.  For more information CLICK HERE.


My other very smart grand-dog is a lovely young Lab adopted from the Niagara Falls Humane Society a few months ago.  In the short time we knew her at the Shelter it was evident she was quick to learn.  Unfortunately she escaped out my daughter’s front door and did ‘zoomies’ out in the snow and then was unable to use her one rear leg afterwards.  Anti-inflammatories didn’t improve the situation, and further tests showed that cruciate ligament surgery was required.  After the operation, the dreaded cone of shame was required, of course.  But, clever girl that she is, she learned that she could play ‘hockey’ with her tennis ball by scooping it up in the cone and tossing it down the hallway.  All this while activity is supposed to be limited…yeah, right, try to tell her that!  Drinking was a challenge with the cone on as well, but she figured out that the cone could be used to scoop up water, then she’d let it run down the cone, into her mouth.  Desperation being the mother of invention, and all that!

Please consider Carlos below as a new addition to the family!  He has been waiting a long time at the shelter and would LOVE to meet you! For more information CLICK HERE.


If you’ve taken the time to read this far, thank you…much appreciated!  Just imagine how I can go on about my two-legged human grandsons…..that’s for another story.

The Niagara Falls Humane Society always has a wide assortment of beautiful shelter pets awaiting their forever homes.  I encourage you to visit, in person or online, to find a companion you will take joy in bragging about.

This week’s column written by Phyllis Babyk

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