Welland was the place to be this weekend with all things floating!  The second annual Welland Floatfest event was set to put Welland on the map internationally again with the addition of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt.

A huge crowd of 17 hundred people made their way to the Welland Recreational Canal lined with their floaties to get involved and a Guiness Book of Records adjudicator was on hand.

Just after 5:30, the floaties were measured to make up 165 metres which was enough to set a new world record.

To break the record, the line had be one inflatable wide, and each inflatable had to be touching with no ropes securing them together so people had to join hands or grab the floatie next to them.

About the Welland Floatfest

Welland Floatfest began with one young man’s dream of a community event on the water in Welland after seeing images from the Kaljakellunta event in Helsinki, Finland.  This young man was Phil Gladman, a 25-year-old, Wellander who thought a day on the waters of Welland, at a family-friendly event would be great for the citizens of Welland.  With the help of Leanna Villella and a team of her friends, community business leaders, the City of Welland, Canadian Tire and other corporate sponsors, the event was put together in just six weeks. 

In 2016, over 1300 participants were registered and just shy of 800 enjoyed the day on the water on their floaties.

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