Almost one-third of the oil refineries in the U.S. south went offline when Harvey blew through Texas and now, that’s leading to big gas prices increases here in Canada.


In the last week, prices have soared an average of 10 cents a litre across the country. The average price is now above $1.16 per litre — up eight cents since Harvey hit last Friday, and nine cents compared to the average last month.

Most parts of Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba have seen prices shoot up 12 cents a litre since last week, while the average price for regular unleaded in Alberta is up 8 cents. Prices in B.C. are up 9 cents a litre since last week, 7 cents in Saskatchewan, 6 cents in Newfoundland and Labrador, and 4 cents in Prince Edward Island.

Central Canada has been particularly hard hit. In Toronto, prices rose an average of five cents a litre to $1.23 on Friday. It’s predicted that most of the refineries won’t be back to being fully operational for another two weeks and it will be a few weeks before prices return to normal.

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