(Main picture is handsome Gumbo, a Mastiff Mix up for adoption now at the Niagara falls Humane Society.  For more information CLICK HERE).


The shelter is still just as busy as ever! We currently have over 50 cats for adoption including many who have been waiting several months and are looking for their forever homes in the near future. Check out all the profiles on our website www.nfhs.ca (Below, dapper Dwight is a one year old black beauty looking for a home.  For more information CLICK HERE).


We have several dogs up for adoption, a majority large breed love bugs who are looking for active families who will make time for both walks and snuggles! Gumbo (main pic) and Bayou are two mastiffs we have had in our care for a few months and they have both jumped leaps and bounds as far as health and behaviour. Gumbo is a goofy youngster who likes to play with everything and needs large sturdy toys that he can’t easily fit in his mouth or he tries to have a snack! He is doing well with his obedience training and should continue in his new home. He has so much love to offer and such a fun comical personality. You can’t help but smile as he gallops in the play yard with his tongue flapping in his face, if you have mastiff or large breed dog experience and think that he might be a good fit for you, come down for a visit!

(Below, beautiful Bayou, up for adoption now.  For more information CLICK HERE).



Bayou is a big suck once he is out of his kennel – which he often acts shy or defensive. He loves to go for long walks and is learning that it’s okay to play with toys! He is looking for stability and routine in his new home so he can feel comfortable and let his wall down. He likes to lean on your legs for pets and will gladly accept a cookie. He is strong and is doing well with his leash manners. He is also a mastiff and is looking for a home that has large breed /mastiff experience.

These two boys are just an example of many who just need some time to adjust. Training is an amazing bonding experience for you and your new dog. You get to know how to communicate with one another. Taking the time to get to know your animal is so important. (Below, Carlos waits for a new family!  He is a Rotti Mix.  For more information please CLICK HERE)


With so many animals in our care we are always in need of some important items we use on a daily basis, we are running low on many of our basics and could use the help of our community to donate some much needed supplies:

–          Dry non colored ( brown kibble) Kitten food and Adult Cat food

–          Canned cat food – any kind

–          Aspen wood shavings

–          Bleach

–          Laundry Soap

–          Large Towels

–          Cat toys

–          Can openers

(Below, awesome Amber has incredible green eyes.  She is about 3.  For more information CLICK HERE).


If you can’t donate, please consider attending this upcoming event in Niagara on the Lake which is in aid of the NFHS. On Sunday September 17 from 12:30 pm to 4 pm the 2nd Annual charity dog show will be held at the Village Market Place. Along with the dog show there will be entertainment, food vendors, silent auction and more! Check the website for more details.

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