Living in Ontario means a long season full of snow, ice and cold weather.  Something that comes up quite often in conversation is the weather, road conditions and whether or not snow tires are really worth it!


If you find yourself asking “do I need snow tires for my vehicle?” The answer in my opinion is YES!! Not only is it a safer option with our hard to predict weather cycles but you actully can get discounts on your driving insurance. This does not stop the doubters however from saying things like:


Winter specific tires are a scam.

Tire companies are just trying to make more money off of us.

All seasons are the best for all seasons.

If there is no snow on the roads you don’t need snow tires


But these statements have been proven false and these “justifications” are simply not true. A dedicated winter rated tire will keep you and your family safer in this season of snow.  So lets take a look at some information to back this up!

Braking Distance Comparison:

Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires


Most vehicles are equipped with all-season tires, which are ok for most situations. When it comes to winter, however, these are not the ideal tires. Winter tires are designed specifically for incredibly cold temperatures and snowy roads with low temperatures.

Tread Design

Winter tires are designed differently than an all-season tires. To compare think of snow boots verses regular boots. The entire design of a winter tire is meant to provide traction in snowy and icy situations. This is due to both the tread design, and the rubber itself. The rubber is designed to remain soft even in extremely low temperatures which allows it to bite into the snow and ice retaining grip and helping you to stop. Check out the treads below:

Winter Tires in Edmonton

Winter or snow tires will give your car the traction you need to stay safer during the winter months when the roads are especially treacherous. Another piece of advice: no matter what kind of tires you choose, always make sure to check your tire pressure often during the colder months because that pressure can adjust with changes in temperature.

Cost Comparison

If you do choose to get winter tires, the cost is actually quite comparable to regular all-season tires, meaning you won’t break the bank. Remember that you are always driving on tires, and always wearing them down, so using winter tires will extend the life of your regular tires. in the end your total cost of ownership will be the same, however, you will have much better traction with the snow tires!

Here are some tips for driving on snowy roads…


BOTTOM LINE: To each their own, but from a safety perspective you can’t go wrong with snow tires in Canadian winters!

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