Since January of 2017 members of the 1 District Street Crime Unit have been investigating a male regarding his involvement in the sales of Cocaine in St.Catharines.


Police say during the course of the investigation, they made observations that were consistent with an individual who was operating a mobile drug trafficking operation and yesterday, on January 17th they arrested this male and found him in possession of a quantity of cocaine and Canadian currency.

Police were granted judicial authorization to search this males residence which resulted in the seizure of further drugs and a large quantity of Canadian currency which Police believe are the proceeds of his drug sales.

Arrested and charged was 33 year old Jay Croal of St.Catharines.

Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking x3
Possession of Proceeds Over $5000

In total Police seized a quantity of Cocaine, Marijuana and Oxycodone. Police also seized $76,000 in Canadian currency and $1400 in American currency. Croal has been held for his morning bail hearing which is scheduled for today.

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