Ahh, Valentine’s Day!  Our pocketbooks have not recovered from the holiday season yet, but here we go again right?  Well, what if you could show her you love her in a few unique ways that don’t have to cost money!


If you have the means to buy a gift for a woman, you might go the traditional route of chocolate, flowers, jewelry or dinner out and these are all great! But there are other options out there.  Options that are not a part of our consumerism driven society but nonetheless will show her you care.

Here are some ideas:

1. A body or foot massage.
2. A free day to herself without the kids.
3. A home-cooked dinner, including clean up.
4. A playlist of her favorite songs.
5. A cleaned house, including laundry.
6. A offer to completely plan your next vacation.
7. A love letter (read aloud).
8. A “chick flick” movie night.
9. A digital album of her favorite photos.
10. A walk or hike together.

The simple things you do for a loved one are often the most appreciated and welcomed. And don’t forget, words can be gifts too. For example; “I love you,” and “Thank you for everything you do,” are priceless.

Do you have any ideas you may add to this list or do you prefer the traditional gifts?

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